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Larisa Cheladyn

Larisa Cheladyn

Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn is an accomplished Canadian artist, who is well known to many Edmontonians. Larisa was born in Edmonton and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art & Design (’81) from the University of Alberta.

Larisa’s works are bold and colourful. Her preferred medium is water colour. Larisa particularly enjoys painting still-life and floral images, and loves to research and incorporate informative details into each of her compositions. Her artistic style is unique. Over the last 20 years Larisa has created a method whereby she incorporates a sculptural “ripped paper” technique which accentuates the realistic, 3-dimensional quality of her work. 

Larisa’s artistic accomplishments have reached far into the community. She is known both for her illustrations of children’s books and school texts, as well as her fine art paintings.



Larisa's website can be found at www.artbylarisa.com/.

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