Leonard Cohen Festival 2007  
Bob Jahrig

Bob Jahrig

Bob grew up in a shed in northern Ontario. Fed very little and forced to stand on his head for days on end, Bob practiced meticulously crafting each song from the incessant throbbing pain that kept perfect 4-4 time from his neck to his fingers.

Bob Jahrig, Edmonton-based singer/songwriter has been involved in the Alberta music scene for a number of years. His debut CD, Tree Tops, was released in 2002. Bob has been a concert performer at folk venues across Alberta and teaches songwriting as an artist-in-residence in elementary schools.

The 2007 Leonard Cohen Festival will be Bob's first. He will be performing alongside Crystal Plamondon, Darren Frank and Ido Vanderlaan at the Leonard Cohen Night on September 22nd.


Please browse Bob Jahrig's website at bobjahrig.sslpowered.com to read more about him!

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