Leonard Cohen Festival 2007  

Darren Frank

Darren Frank is a melodic interpreter of the human experience. He is a lyrical double-entendre, a poet, and an organically musical artist. Inspired by the everyday extraordinary, Frank sews together songs from his heartstrings with a rich and raw tapestry of sound and lyrics. Frank's ability to communicate the feelings of isolation/inclusion through music helped him move through the dark and light days described in his songs: "Music has always been a companion," says Frank, "It's an outlet that helps me say the things I have a hard time saying otherwise. Writing is a reminder that my life is a work in progress - sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not, but it's who I am and it's what I have to give." The result is his 2007 debut solo album that examines topics plucked from Frank's life like being bare and honest (..Uncross Your Arms..), self-helping (..Show and Tell..), memories that the senses evoke (..Old Familiar..), and the ping-pong match that is depression and elation (..I Feel Fine..).But these songs on record are only half the experience. Frank's ability to engage audiences with his raw vulnerability in his live performances is a refreshing balance of soul, pop and folk brought to the stage. 



Darren Frank will be playing on September 21st and 22nd. Find his website at www.myspace.com/darrenfrank.

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