LCN Fest 2008: July 23 - July 28

All Events are held/start at the Westin Hospitality Room unless otherwise specified.

Wed July 23- "4 Old Songs"
2pm Registration begins
3-7pm Downtown Tours
6-9pm Collage-a-thon

Thur July 24- "Inspiration/Temptation"
8-10am Early Bird Breakfast
11:30-4pm Whyte Ave Shopping trips
4:30-6:15pm Cohen Films at the Library
6:30-10pm “Dance Me” performance at Citadel Theatre
10-10:45pm "The New Step" Play
11pm onwards Collage-a-thon

Fri July 25- “Find Yourself Friday”
1-3pm Sisters of Mercy Tour
5-7pm Academic Talks
8-10pm Songwriter in the Round at Haven and Hospitality Suite concert
10:30pm - Midnight Clinker "On the Other Side..." Live Performance at Citadel Theatre

Sat July 26- “Dance Me to the End”
9:30-1pm River Valley Tours
2:30-4pm Open Mike
8-10pm Winspear Concert
10:30pm onwards DJ Dance Party

Sun July 27 - "Back on Boogie Street"
11-3pm Picnic in the Park party at Rundle Park
3pm, 5pm Clinker "On the Other Side..." Live Performances
8-10pm Monsieur Camembert Concert
10:30pm onwards DJ Dance Party

Mon July 28- "Closing Time"
8-10am Survivor’s Breakfast at College Plaza
1:30pm Bus departs for Banff Mini-Event