Kim Solez, MD, President

Royle Harris, Treasurer

Deborah Inkster-Bain, Secretary



Jarkko Arjatsalo

Charlene de Athe

Michele Hales

David Linetsky

Geraldine Matus

Janice McDonald

Kevin Solez



Statement of Purpose

The Leonard Cohen Nights Foundation is a charitable organization to support and plan annual September 21st events to celebrate the birthday of Canadian icon/poet/singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen around the world. At these birthday events we meet to honor the work and words of Leonard Cohen, and share Cohen's influence on our own music, poetry, dance, art, and hearts.

The organization is non-profit, passionate, and seeks to provide logistic, graphic arts, technologic, and monetary support for local events honoring Leonard Cohen and his work. Our purpose is to promote communication and the development of the musical and poetical arts within our communities internationally, and pay tribute to Cohen's influence in these realms. 

The board of Leonard Cohen Nights Foundation meets monthly and solicits monetary and in-kind donations. The organization's activities are described more fully on its website:  The Leonard Cohen Nights Foundation also seeks to stimulate interest in international Leonard Cohen fan events like the one planned for New York City, June 11-14, 2004:  Leonard Cohen is not affiliated in any manner with, and does not personally endorse, the The Leonard Cohen Nights Foundation or it's activities.