The 2006 Edmonton Leonard Cohen Night


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Dear Friends and Cohen Aficionados,

Please find herewith a Press Release that was sent to media a few weeks ago. It is our my way of extending a first invitation to Leonard Cohen Night, an annual event of poetry and song that is now in its 5th year!

Cohenights Arts Society -a non profit association- has been introducing the works of Leonard Cohen to a whole new generation of Alberta Cohenites since 2002, allthewhile catering to die hard fans - and folk music connoisseurs.

Our September 23rd line up is definitely 'top notch' and La Cité francophone is most intimate and effective as a folk venue.

Tickets are now available at Tix on the Square: (780) 420-1757 or toll free 877-888-1757 or email at

Enjoy the Summer (Hey, what's not to love ?)


Ronald Tremblay
Artistic Director
Leonard Cohen Night 2006
(780) 461-9028

Kim Solez
Cohenights Art Society
(780) 710-1644


Meetup with other local people to honor the work and words of Leonard Cohen, and share Cohen's influence on music, poetry, dance, art, and hearts. Enter the Leonard Cohen MeetUp Website

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